My approach is intuitive, and has developed out of an extended period of experimentation (away from pre-planned figurative narratives). Images emerge through colour and line, movement and space. In playing and exploring, I have found my way to mine a fresh way for me to work, enabling me to retain the initial spontaneity of my ideas.

I look for the figurative within the abstract and for the figures to create their own story: a kind of primordial narrative, where all the characters are given equal attention, interests me. I am looking for a new perspective, to enable people to view without preconceptions. Being freed from ‘realism’, my characters evolve and morph on the canvas – they may only have one eye or be part-human, part-animal. In this process shadows of other figures remain, and I stop at a point where I feel the work has been developed sufficiently.

This approach continues to evolve: I look for ways to articulate primeval forms, which will stimulate the viewer, whom I hope will also find the humour in my work.